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From users point of view From administrators point of view

Protocol: CGI 
Language: Perl 5
Platforms: Any platform that has Perl 5 

From users point of view

each of these features may be enabled by the administrator independently of the others

  • Multi-page threaded or non-threaded message board
  • Messages are organized in categories
  • Register and protect your identity with a password
  • Auto fill-in of your name and e-mail address after you login for each session.
  • Private discussions between any two registered users.
  • Chat function allows realtime commuciations between members.
  • Submit your links to the forums links section.
  • Once logged in, you do not need to enter your user name again during the session.
  • The ability to modify your own posts.
  • The ability to delete your own posts.
  • The ability to prevent replies to any of your posts
  • The ability to collapse/expand, close/open your threads.
  • The ability to send/receive email notifications for new posts.
  • The ability to upload a file when you post, which is then automatically linked. If a .gif or .jpg image file, it will be displayed automatically as thumbnails, using the AnyBoard iconizer.
  • Identify new posts easily (by different color)
  • The ability to use HTML in the message body (HTML will not work in the Subject field).
  • The ability to add link URLs.
  • The ability to add image links.
  • The ability for the message body to be empty, sometimes called NT (No Text)  posts.
  • Posts with an image are so indicated on the main page.
  • Register just once for multiple forums on the same site. Login and password for each user will work for all forums.
  • See what's new since your last visit.
  • You can search message body (CPU intensive) as well as subject field for keywords (Find feature) within a date range.
  • You can use the Overview feature to read top level posts (without replies)
  • Easy access to information.Very readable layout. At a glance of the message line, a user knows whether the post is new (coloring), size of the message, whether it has an image link inside, rating of the message (if enabled), number of replies to it, and the number of visits to it (if enabled). One can also collapse or expand the threading.
  • Modifiable user profiles. Registered users can create and modify their profiles and passwords.
  • Rate posts or articles and see stars and vote counts next to them. Detects and rejects "double-rating" on the same page.

From administrators point of view

  • Reliability.  Forget about crashes, lost data and other problems with other boards. Reliability is the first feature we built into AnyBoard.
  • Security. All aspects of AnyBoard are secure. Administrative work, such as message board creation and management, are authenticated from the beginning to the end. Unlike some other boards, which can easily be broken into by programmers who read the code, AnyBoard has no security holes.
  • Fast. Generated html pages are compact and fast to load through highly efficient algorithms and other means.
  • Easy to install and configure. Just set the paths to perl 5 and the master config directory, everything else is done through the web browser. Even a beginner can have a board up in a few minutes.
  • Multiple boards from a single program. No need to have different instalations of the main program. A single script can run all the different message boards you want.
  • Highly customizable. Have your AnyBoard forum match the rest of your site or make it look like anything you want, from style to colors you choose, with features you select and enable.
  • Builtin multisite search engine. Want a search engine for your web sites? AnyBoard can spider them and index them and allow users to search them.
  • Use pre-configured templates or create your own. We make it easy for you to get started right away by choosing any of our stock settings
  • Frame / noframe interfaces. Make your choice. Change your mind? Easy to change your board and all messages, even those already posted.
  • Threading / no threading. Choose if you want messages to be threaded or not on the board.
  • Highly configurable. It allows you to set the depth of threading, whether text is inlined, number of articles per page, colors, fonts, backgrounds... With over 400 configurable parameters, you can create Internet forums of completely different styles at the click of a button.
  • Regeneration Board and existing messages can easily and rapidly be regenerated to reflect changed configuration.
  • Index recovery even after operating system crash.
  • Powerful and easy to use administrative functions, such as delete or archive by subject, IP address, date or author.
  • Admin activities are logged with IPs and resolved hostnames.
  • Forbidden word & name features can prevent posting of unsuitable language and names and automatically ban users who have a predetermined number of violations. Banned user will find it hard to get back in.
  • Detection and prevention of "posting bombs". E-mail alarm of possible attacks is sent to admin.
  • Two level administration - administrator and moderator. Administrator has all rights while moderator has those assigned by the administrator. Moderator rights always exclude the ability to configure the message boards.
  • Pre Moderation. When enabled, messages must be first reviewed and approved by moderator before showing up in the board.
  • User registration.  Users can be required to register and login to post and for other functions.
  • Email validation on user registration. If enabled, when user registers, an e-mail is sent to user provided e-mail addresses with a unique activation link to activate the account. The user may also need to acknowledge acceptance of the forum rules.
  • Users will find themselves exposed if they try to assume multiple identities. All names used by a poster are indicated on individual message pages posted by that same person.
  • Visit counters. AnyBoard can track and display number of visits to a message.
  • Statistics. Compute and display posting statistics.
  • Email notification of new messages to a set of e-mail addresses, of responses to orginal posters.
  • Many more.... To see the complete list of features, simply create an AnyBoard forum yourself, go to the admin page, and look at the available Notification, Posting Policy, Control, Presentation and Label configuration parameters.
From users point of view From administrators point of view

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