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AnyBoard Installation With $fix_top_dir

For IIS Or a server that does not correctly supply the PATH_INFO

AnyBoard uses the PATH_INFO environment variable to distinguish different forums. With a URL such as, the PATH_INFO is /netbula/support. Different forums are located at different directories and have different PATH_INFO. Anyboard relies on this standard variable to find the location of a forum.

IIS does not correctly implement the CGI standard to provide the correct PATH_INFO, to get around this problem, we need to set the $fix_top_dir, $fix_top_url and $fix_cgi_url variables. Follow these instructions to install AnyBoard with IIS.

  1. Set fixed dir variables.

    fix_top_dir : the top directory of all boards.

    For example, suppose we have a server, whose top web directory is d:\iis\www, and you want to create boards at d:\iis\www\board1, d:\iis\www\board2,... then
    $fix_top_dir = "d:/iis/www";

    Here we use forward slash / for directory separator.

    $fix_top_url = "", the URL of fix_top_dir.

    $fix_cgi_url = "", the URL of anyboard CGI script.

  2. Set the $no_pathinfo variable to 1.

  3. Follow the manual creation method to create your message board under $fix_top_dir.

Note: You can set these variables even for standard compliant servers. For instance, if your site has juste moved, and can be accessed through IP address only, then you should set the $fix_top_url and $fix_cgi_url variables to use the IP address.

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