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Top 3 Rules on How to Choose a Message Board System
  1. Fully threaded discussion for interaction, non-threaded board for posting one way information.
  2. A non-threaded message board lists messages linearly on one page, while this is trivial to program, discussions on this kind of board rarely go beyond 20 messages, simply because people can't tell who is talking to whom anymore. On a threaded message board, the messages are listed in a tree structure, and there is clear relationship between messages and replies. Example: Threaded message board, non-threaded board.
    Tip: A threaded message board builds up traffic very fast...


  3. Secure, reliable and fast. 
  4. AnyBoard is secure, every administrative operation is authenticated using one-way encrypted password; it is reliable, it never crashes; it is fast, because efficient algorithms are used.

  5. Rich functionalities for users and administrators. 

    Uses for AnyBoard
    • threaded message board 
    • non-threaded message board 
    • guest book 
    • file submission and peer review (file upload + rating) 
    • workgroup discussion (with email capability)

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