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Advantages of AnyEMail

  • Works anywhere.  As long as you can access the web server using a browser, you can use AnyEMail. No need to have direct TCP/IP access, works through a proxy, even a firewall.
  • Can access any email accounts you have. Great if you have multiple email accounts on different POP3 servers.
  • Can send email to anyone using any of your email accounts, including attachments.
  • Easy to use. No setup, just enter email addresses of your POP3 account. You can access multiple accounts at the same time, just popup another browser window, and go the URL for the CGI program.
  • Fast. Because most of the work is done on the web server, which has fast internet connection and fast CPU.
  • Small disk usage. AnyEmail does NOT store emails on the web server.
  • Can use SSL (secure socket layer), just use https to access the CGI script, and your email is secured. This is a great protection when your e-mail may be intercepted between the web server and your browser.
  • Multi-configurable. A single script can be running different configuration files, which can specify completely different parameters, such as SMTP server and look & feel UI parameters.

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