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PowerRPC has the following features

  • arbitrary number of function arguments.
  • besides return values, OUT and INOUT arguments can be used for passing data from the server to the client.
  • general C expressions can be used to specify array sizes, including function calls and conditional expressions.
  • user can define new types.
  • any C data types can be used in function arguments and returns, e.g., int, long, double, char, void*, enum, struct, union, int*, int **, int*arr[MAXSIZE], int ***, variable size arrays, 2D arrays, linked lists, trees, ... more than any existing RPC tools can handle.
  • server can fork a dedicated child server for each connected client.
  • server can fork a child to handle an incoming RPC call, so that the parent can continue on other work. The WIN32 version can create a thread for each RPC call.
  • non-blocking RPC, in which the call returns as soon as it is delivered.
  • asynchronous RPC, in which a server is signaled to serve an RPC call, instead of waiting for RPCes.
  • portmapper(or rpcbind) is not required, since server can use fixed ports.
  • an application can be both the server and the client of the same RPC interface.
  • a lot of other interface properties can be defined to allow flexible custimzation of the generated code.
  • generated code is fully C++ compatible. C++ code (RPC classes) generation will be added soon.
  • generated code is compatible with both the socket based ONC RPC and TLI based TIRPC, the details are encapsulated in the libpwrpc library.
  • many more...

Information about ONC RPC

PowerRPC is based on ONC RPC from Sun Microsystems, INC., which is available on almost every UNIX platforms. We have ported ONC RPC to WIN32 and the associated DLL included in the powerRPC distribution exports all ONC RPC functions.

PowerRPC uses a complete different IDL from the ONC RPC from Sun Microsystems and the generated complete client and server stub code for RPC functions with multiple arguments, however the underline RPC protocol for powerRPC is ONC RPC. It may be helpful for a developer to understand some of the ONC RPC mechanisms.

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