Unfair competition, Copyright infringement

As a company which highly values integrity, Netbula builds its business based on quality, functionality and competitive pricing. We welcome healthy competition, and we believe that healthy competition results in more innovations and better products and services, and eventually the advance of civilization.

However, some company does not like to play it fair.

One company based on Souhboro, MA is such a company.

This company has setup several sites which do nothing but redirect the traffic to their main WEB site. When you go to the home page of those "proxy" sites, you are automatically transfered to their true home page. 

What's wrong?                                    

Those proxy  sites copied the crucial content of  our home page (http://netbula.com/index.html) and placed themselves in the serach engines. They copied the title, meta tags, hidden comments... all the information significant to search engines VERBATIM into their pages, they even copied the PowerRPC(tm) product name.  

The result? When people search for our products, they will find those "proxy" sites, and got transfered to that company.
This kind of behaviour is not only unfair but also illegal.  

We are to seek legal action against such illegal activities.

And we feel it is important to fight them in the public.

Because what they are doing is wrong!

Netbula LLC