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Explanation of AnyBoard Features

All the functions listed here are enabled on

Configurable threading File uploading Private discussions
Edit/delete posted message Voting Pre-moderation
Email a friend Email validation Email notification
Email lost password Message rating Ban users
Links Form Mail Message categories
Extended profile Multisite search engine Vcard generation

Some terms

Thread: Arranging message links or message contents in a tree-like structure to reflect post/reply relationship.
Inline: Put message content in a single file.
Main (index) page: the front page of a AnyBoard forum.
Navigation bar: A area where common links to forum commands (such as post message) are listed.

Configurable threading

In AnyBoard, there are several parameters to control how messages and their links are organized

  • Depth of links on main page (thread display level)
  • Number of links per page
  • Whether to put a message and all follow-ups in a single file (inline follow-ups)
  • Whether to thread the inlined messages
  • Whether to column justify fields in the message links.
  • Whether to use unordered list (like wwwboard) or configurable spacers(such as spaces or blank images) for thread indentation.

For example, if you set the depth of links to 1, then only the top of the thread is listed on the main page.

AnyBoard allows you to sort the threads by time of the first post (default), time of the last post, subject, author and other attributes. For example, sorting by the time of last post will make a thread with a new reply jump to the top of the page.

AnyBoard also allows the author of a message or administrator to collapse/expand a thread or sub thread.

File uploading

In the Configure->Posting policy section, you can enable file-uploading for a board. Once enabled, an additional field will show up in the Post Message Form, with a Browse button at the right hand side, a user can then attach a file on his/her PC (not on a web server) when posting a new message, the attached file is stored in the upload/ directory of a board. Multiple files can be uploaded at once. If the file is a gif/jpeg image, it will be automatically embedded using the IMG tag, and the main page will indicate that this message contains a image. It also iconizes the uploaded image files so users can have a quick view of the images.

There are also extensive control on file-uploading, such as limiting file size, number of uploads per day etc.

Private discussions

Once enabled, the Post Message Form will have an additional field "Private Message For", where a poster can enter the name for a recipient. The message posted will not show up in the main page and it is only viewable in the "My Forum"s of both the poster and the recipient.

Note, to send a private message, the recipient must be a registered user, because the recipient must login to check the private message. If the sender is not a registered user , she/he can only send private messages but can't engage in a private discussion, because he/she can't receive a private message.

Edit/delete posted message

Once enabled, the Author name on the main page will be linked to the edit/delete message form. There the author (or the admin) can edit/delete a posted message, including changing the message subject, message body, message category or collpase/expand the thread below the message. The newly modified message will show up with its date field in a dark red color(configurable).

For admin, the deletion part of the form has an additional checkbox to let him/her delete the whole thread.

When a message is deleted, how the thread is displayed depends on the value of the "Adopt orphaned messages" setting. Normally, you should set this to 1, this way when a top level message is deleted, there is still a blank spot on the page and all its children are listed under it, otherwise, all its immediate children will be promoted to top level messages.


The admin panel has button "Add a survey", where you can add a survey to the board.

The advantages of using AnyBoard for survey are

  • Very configurable.
  • Reliable (never lost data)
  • Various controls such as using your forums user database for authentication.
  • Generates Java(tm)Script to have the poll included in another page.
  • Can view the details of a survey (see who voted for what)

The surveys are stored under the polls/ directory.

Email validation

Once enabled (in the Configure->Control section), when a user register he/she must enter a valid email address, AnyBoard then email a validation message to that address, the registrant must go to the unique url(which has a unique validation key) in the message to activate his/her account. The validation URL actually brings the user to a page in which the forum rules (configurable) are stated and he/she must check a box to confirm the acceptance of the rule.

If this feature is not enabled, then the user's account is activated as soon as he/she registers.

Email notification

AnyBoard can be configured to use email in lots of situations. Besides of usual notify on new message and notify on new replies, etc. It can be even configured to email back users files on the web server.

Email lost password

When a user tries to login, but the password is incorrect, AnyBoard will present a form asking the user to enter his/her username and email address, if the information matched the entry in the user database, AnyBoard will email a new password to the user.

Note, AnyBoard can be configured to NOT show user's email address anywhere.

Message rating

Visitors can rate messages on a board by click on the Rate it ! link. The range of ratings is configurable (default is -5 to +5), and you can set different icons for positive and negative ratings.

You can also set to display the rate only after certain number of votes are received.

You can also set to hide the messages whose ratings are below a configurable value, this way, the users can peer moderating the forum by voting against a message.

Ban users

AnyBoard can ban users based on IP, domain, username, user alias(cookie), violation count....

AnyBoard uses cookies to track the alises a poster used and the number of violations (saying forbidden words), and can set the automatically disallow a user to read/post when the violation count reaches a configurable threshold. One can also disable the user's alias, this way, even if the user tries to change his identity, he will be still banned.

In the posting policy configuration section, you can set patterns for disallowed IPs and domains.


The ultimate control you can have on a board is to enable moderation function. When this is enabled, posts must be approved by the admin first. An "Approve" button will show up in the admin panel, press the button brings one to a page similar to the delete message page, where you can check the boxes next to the message to approve them.

You can change a user's status so his/her posts by-pass the moderation procedure.

Email a friend

This function allows a reader to email a recommendation of a message to a friend. This function can be used on any web page of your web site.


This allows administrator and users to submit related links.

Form Mail

AnyBoard can be used to process any web forms, including those with file-upload fields. AnyBoard can save the uploaded files to a directory specified in the Form Mail configuration and email other information to a list of email addresses. Additional control options are available to restrict the usage of the forms.

Message Categories

You can divide the messages of a board into unlimited number of categories. When this feature is enabled, a select box with different categories shows up in the post message form. The posted messages are grouped by the categories.

Extended member profile

The new extended profile allow members to enter more detailed information, including uploading a photo to the web server.

Generic multisite search engine

AnyBoard V7.7 and up contains a powerful search engine! It can crawl (spider) multiple web sites using its built-in HTTP client, build an index database and then allow you to search on the index. This can be put into a separate product, but it is integrated into AnyBoard for your benefit. Login master admin using ?cmd=admin command, and you will see the links to the index functions. Various constraints can be applied to the indexing process. For the local site, where AnyBoard is installed, file scan can be used as a faster alternative for building the indices.

VCard generation

AnyBoard can generate a vcard from the member profiles and email them to the forum administrator, so they can be easily added to address books.

Who's Online

This powerful can monitor all the message boards and see who's doing what, such as login, rating, posting, etc. For example, when used in the chat room, it displays the users in the chat.

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